ooh la la evening shawl

I started this shawl a few weeks ago with a wedding in mind, but ended up wearing a cardigan instead.  I'd had the pattern in my favorites on Ravelry* for months and finally succumbed to my curiosity.  I mean, this has a SLEEVE!  A shawl with a single sleeve.  How does that even work?  I love it.

The pattern called for six balls of Paton Silk Bamboo.  I ended up using just a little more than four of them in the Plum colorway, which is perfect because two of the balls of yarn were from a different dye lot and consequently slightly off-color.  This 70/30 blend of bamboo and cotton is perfect for the shawl;  smooth, silky and a little bit decadent.

I picture it with a Little Black Dress, pearl bracelet and a vintage hair comb holding back perfectly coiffed curls.  Or skinny jeans and a tank top.  Either one.

You can buy a PDF of the pattern on Ravelry here or on Etsy here.  It is clear and easy to understand, but for some reason I was having a tough time keeping the stitches consistent.  I'd count each one, but somehow at the end of each row I'd be a little off.  Or the stitches in each row wouldn't quite line up with each other.  But the end result looks correct, so maybe it was just a figment of the imagination.

I'm a cardigan girl through and through, but shawls and wraps are so classy I may have to make a few more of them this season.

* I've been a member of Ravelry for a few years but never thought to mention it here.  Think of it as a social network for yarn junkies, the Facebook of Knitters and Crocheters.  You can find me on Ravelry by clicking here, or you can log-in and view the project page for this shawl here.

rainy day shawl

Autumn has settled in and that means the crochet hooks are out in full force.  Knitting needles too, but more about that later.  I'm working on a shawl and can't think of anything nicer to do on this rainy day but plop on the couch and play with yarn.  Not in the cards, but a nice thought nonetheless.

What fall projects are you working on, yarnwise or otherwise?  And yes, curling up on the couch and listening to the rain counts as a project.  I think.

cotton produce bag

I crocheted up this produce bag using the linen grocery tote pattern from the purl bee.  Instead of linen yarn I used up some cheap-o cotton yarn I had laying around. I ran out of the primary color just as I was about to start the handles, so I did those in a yellow cotton.
No modifications to the pattern this time, but if I give it another go I think I'll crochet a tighter mesh so that skinny cucumbers and zucchini can't make their escape so easily.  They have a tendency to poke out of the bag in a very obscene fashion, and I'd like to put an end to that right now.  I also might make the next bag a little bit shorter-- it has so much stretch that when it is full it hangs down practically to my knees.  Cute pattern overall, seems sturdy enough for a modest load of produce.

One more day, kiddies.  Click here to enter to win a copy of Lunch Bags! 25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew Today or your own handmade lunch bag.  Giveaway ends tomorrow, August 12 at 8pm EST.

for my own noggin'

This is NOT a shop update.

I finally made a hat for myself! I should say, I finally made like 7-8 hats for myself. I kept making this hat and rippin' it out, looking for the perfect amount of floppiness. Not beret-floppy or graduation hat floppy, but just a little slouch. By the time I finished this version, I was so tired of looking at that ball of yarn that I think I would have kept it even if it didn't have la perfect slouch.

But fortunately, it did.

Makeshifted the pattern, using a very excessive increase at the crown... to encourage slouch, you know. Then brought it back in to normal hat proportions and finished the brim with a subtle ribbing pattern. So subtle, apparently, that you can't see it in these photos at all.