cut those jeans up

Another pair of cut-offs. If you have old jeans that still fit alright around the waist but you don't really wear, CUT OFF the bottom. You know, authentic style. Don't buy cut-offs. I made these longer cut-offs a few years ago from consignment store jeans and I still love 'em. A few weekends ago, my two favorite pairs of shorts were dirty, it was stinkin' hot and I had a party to go to. I took this pair of jeans, which had already undergone a transformation from boot cut to skinny and were now sitting sadly in the donation pile, and I hacked them up. This was a real haphazard job, surely careless enough to make a normal seamstress cringe. With nary a ruler in sight, I eyeballed the length and went at them with scissors. Yes, they were a little wonky when I wore them that first night but I fixed 'em up the next morning. Cut up your jeans. Breath a little life into those clothes at the bottom of your closet. Another favorite of mine is cutting up pants to make a skirt, a la this super crazy old post. Maybe I'll revise that tutorial soon so I don't have to link back to awful hand drawn sketches anymore.

(Cut-off shorts made Deanna's list of summer essentials! Get on it!)

cardigan update

I need to update my cardigans. I'm a cardigan sort of gal, and I have about four of them that are in need of a little somethin'. I have three more that are good to go. Two more long ones that I also like to dress Fiona in from time to time. Oh and one cute cropped frilly cardigan. Like I said, I love the cardigans. I even used to have a cardigan that was made to look like a blazer so I could get away with it in business meetings.

But these old ones are... losing their mojo. I already put elbow patches on one. Last night I tackled another. I made these tiny covered buttons using some stash fabric (remind me to post about the kimono-style bathrobe that I made about 1.5 years ago and NEVER photographed despite the robe being the single most useful and used creation I've ever sewn) and sewed 'em on.

These ought to inject at least a few more months of life into 'er.

halloween, meet christmas

Look familiar?

Yup, it's a Christmas Wreath made from the 94 (well we only used 80 or so) felt leaves that I cut out by hand for our Halloween Tree Costume. If there is some way to reuse these leaves for New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Flag Day, 4th of July and/or Labor Day... I'll do it. When you spend a full day cutting out felt oak leaves by hand, you find ways to maximize your return.

ankle huggers

You know you love the slightly bent left leg pose that is eerily consistent in both pictures.

I used this tutorial by Freshly Picked (found via Darling Dexter) to skinnify some jeans. Which is just perfect because I have been searching for the right pair of skinny jeans... not too sausage-y, etc. I scored my favorite pair at a consignment shop... they are Old Navy brand but apparently NOT the same as the ones actually in Old Navy. Counterintuitive. So I couldn't just buy more of them. But I had an old pair of bootcut (ok they were flared...) jeans that I loved and decided they would be perfect to tuck into my new boots. So chop chop, skinny ankle they went.

Can you even tell the difference between those pictures? I can, but maybe it's not so clear to everyone else. I took in the ankles about 2 inches.

(Also, if I've ever skinnified your jeans before (there are a few of you gals out there) I'm sorry I didn't use this tutorial. It's a better method, less seam bunching. So, go ahead and use this from now on.)

farmer's market shorts

So I'm pretty excited about wheeling out some of my goodies and hanging out in Troy tomorrow. Partly because I think anything so close to the Troy Farmers Market must be pretty boss, partly because I've got this inventory surplus here leftover from an abandoned early summer show and partly because I will definitely perhaps maybe probably wear my newly appointed Farmer's Market Shorts there.
(Isn't my stance here kind of funny? Looks like I've got the Bow Leg. Also maybe the Pigeon Toe, if you could see my feet. Ah, lovely.)

A few weeks ago I scored a pair of jeans on super-clearance at an already discounted thrifty consignment shop. For $2. They cost less than the Buffalo Chicken Wrap I intend to to eat tonight. They had crazy flared bottoms that were hyper-"distressed" aka splattered with bleach and purposefully wrinkled with an industrial iron. And, of course, about a foot too long for me. I promptly cut them off a few inches above the knee and have been in love ever since.

And they are perfect for a few hours at an outdoor market.