a hint of summer on a snowy day

Man, we've gotten more snow in the past few weeks than we got all last winter! Even though I have to bundle myself up every time I leave the house, and often just to stay warm inside, this scarf makes it just a little bit better. It's made with super cozy layers of flannel and fleece but the nomadic, ethnic print and oversized buttons make me think of being outside around a fire pit on summer nights. Not trying to rush the current season at all; sometimes you just need a reminder that it will indeed be warm & sunny again.

(Neck Cozy, Nomadic Bliss on Etsy)

winter wonderRECAP

Winter Wonderlark was a success!  We had mild weather, a great location (around the corner from our apartment!) and plenty of visitors and shoppers.  This year I stayed with a warm & cozy theme and brought with me a selection of winter hats, neck cozies & of course beverage cozies.

Hats, hats, hats.

Lots of neck cozies.  Two of my new patterns sold out!

One shopper renamed the beverage cozies as "beer sweaters".  Obviously I will be changing their official name soon, because that is too awesome to pass up.

And Sinterklaas stopped by the booth, giving what I view as an official endorsement of my shop by St. Nick himself.

The Albany Trolley brought visitors up and around Lark Street.

Sister came by to keep us company and my production assistant (ha! no not really) kindly ran back to the apartment to heat up some lunch for me. Fiona was a real champ and stuck it out all day long.

Our friends even brought us some spicy hot cocoa.

And then the chaos began.  I promised you there would be Speedo-clad merrymakers.  This is the disturbing evidence.

Yep.  That happened.

Thanks to all who stopped in and said hello and shopped.  And another thanks to everyone who has been stopping by the virtual shop for holiday gifts.  I hope to have all of the new goods on Etsy by tomorrow, in time for my December 18 holiday shipping deadline (expedited shipping is available after that date, email me for rates).

holiday market this saturday

Winter Wonderlark
Saturday, December 11
Lark Street
Albany, NY

Stop by my winter shop at Winter Wonderlark this Saturday!  We are bundling up and taking it to the streets for an outdoor holiday market.  There will be hot drinks, fresh wreaths and garland, gifts and toys, roasted nuts and cozy winter accessories handmade by yours truly.  My table will be piled high with brand-new neck cozies, knit and crocheted winter hats, and other seasonal goodies.

Make sure to be there to watch (or run) the 5th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint!  You really don't want to miss this one... unless the sight of a tipsy crowd running towards you wearing only their underwear and Santa hats gives you heart palpitations.  In that case, just donate a few bucks to the important cause and then stop by my booth and say hello. There will also be a Gingerbread Funshop, Ornament Making, a Winter Window Display Contest, a performance Ice Sculptor, Sinterklaas and a particularly rad-sounding traditional Mexican event wherein you drink hot chocolate and eat buñuelos (a fried dough type of dessert) and then smash the ceramic serving dish.  Sounds fun.  Click here for more info.  Lark Street shops and vendors will have everything you need to finish up your local, thoughtful holiday shopping. Instead of sorting through angry crowds at the mall, you can make your way through a crowd of Speedo-clad merrymakers.  What's not to love?

I'll be somewhere between Lancaster St & Hudson Ave, bundled up in a thousand layers and chugging hot cocoa.  This is the last market update for the season and then I'm taking a time-out to listen to Christmas tunes until I get sick of them one hour later, trim our wee tree and finish up my gift making and shopping.  Also, cookies.  Lots of cookies.

just a friday

It's Black Friday. You don't have to buy anything today.

But if you are looking to do a little shopping, here are a few suggestions that help you avoid the malls and big-box stores.

Cozy Winter Hat, Sage Green ($35 regularly, $29.75 on sale!)

And if you're in the market for some cozy hats, scarves & accessories, you can take advantage of my humble sale by entering the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY2010" at checkout to save 15% off all purchases through Monday, November 29.  Two dollar shipping special still applies for domestic orders.