bread in a can, fail

Wanted to offer my thoughts on baking bread in a can. Tried it with this Chocolate Marble Bread recipe and, of course, banana bread. Not all that successful.

We used a variety of cans ranging from a tiny little guy that held peaches in a former life to a medium sized can of pinto beans to big ol' Progresso soup cans. The smaller the can the better, in my experience.

Because here are the problems:

  1. The bread did not bake all the way down to the bottom. Even after covering the top with foil we were left with done-looking bread at first glance and sticky, doughy mess in the bottom.

  2. Unpredictable and inconsistent overflow.

  3. Some cans have an almost imperceptible lip inside the top, making it damn near impossible to slide the breads out... don't use those kind.

If I dare try this baking method again, I'll use small cans with no lips and will fill them up only part way. Before gifting these, it helps to remove the bread yourself (take a butter knife and go around the edges to loosen it up) and then plop it back in so your giftee doesn't have to fight with it. Also, definitely grease 'em up first.

Next, baking cakes in jars. And then safely storing them on the shelve for up to three months. Allegedly, this is possible.

handmade gifts? giddyup

As we all scramble to finish up our handmade gifts, chew on this from The New York Times:

“Across the country, people are crafting more,” [Victor Domine, spokesperson for the Craft & Hobby Association] said. “With the recession, people are looking for ways to save money, and doctors are recommending it as a major form of stress relief.”

Click here for the full article...

snowy weekend

This is much better than the ice storm last week.* At least I imagine it will be, we were somehow left virtually unaffected by the ice that romped most of the Northeast, even though towns 15 minutes away were without power and heat and other such things for days.

This type of storm begs for full-fat hot chocolate (maybe with some Bailey's), finishing up my afghan, reading trashy teen vampire romance novels plus other perfectly timed deliveries from amazon + finishing the last of my handmade Christmas gifts.

Here are the stockings I made for this year. Wish I still had a mantle for them.

* I know I won't be saying that when I have to shovel out my car, when I fall face down in the snow, when the joint baking weekend with Mom is cancelled and during a variety of other snow-related inconveniences. But it's prettier to watch snow falling than freezing rain. Just a fact.

who loves you, baby?


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