label freak

Remember how excited I was when I got those "made by christine" labels a long time ago? Well this is way better.


I was going to just leave the post at that and play on the whole Brevity is Charming and Quirky thing, but I just can't. I have so much more to say. Maybe in 2010 I'll experiment with shorter posts but for now, eff it. I'd been on a hunt for official labels since I opened up shop over a year ago. Just couldn't find what I was looking for though. Eventually I saw someone using double sided loop labels that you sew into the seam and was like, "Pow, that's it. Them's the ones."

But I couldn't find a label company that didn't require an eleventy thousand minimum order. UNTIL. Until. Until I wised up and searched Etsy (duh) and within 15 minutes found myself a great little label maker and picked out the exact labels I'd been dreaming of and went ahead and had them priority shipped to me. They came and I was like, "Oh sweet they look great."
But then I sewed one into a neck cozy and nearly freaked the freak out. I looked at it (and silently commented on the absolute perfect placement of it on the neck cozy so that you can't even see it when you are all buttoned up because I hate when brand-names are plastered all over things) and then proceeded to dance around the apartment like Liz Lemon. For reals. No exaggeration. Not just saying so for a cheap laugh.

I've got some retro-fitting to do on current inventory and once that is complete, all future goodies will proudly declare themselves as brainchildren of unspeakable visions. And no joke, if you somehow make it worth my while, I'll even retro-fit a label into previously purchased items. Cash, chocolate & turkey chili would all make it worth my while.

this year's card

I commissioned the boy to draw this funny little reindeer for our Christmas cards (the snowflake for the back was a bonus). Isn't he the most hysterical thing? I love his expression. I was going to carve it into a rubber block stamp but the boy did that part too (so his vision wouldn't get lost, you know) and I stamped 'em up and wrote 'em out. Consider this your formal holiday card if I wasn't able to find a current address for you. Wishing you all a great and cheery holiday season.

christmas baking extravaganza

Loot from our Monday Night Christmas Baking Extravaganza. PB cookies with hershey kisses (gluten free!). Molasses cookies, pre-frosting. Cranberry muffins (not pictured). Chocolate dipped pretzels inspired by Marta.

Add in some pierogies, wine & Christmas music and I'd say the extravaganza was pretty successful.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! After a nice little sleepover down in P-Town, I'm getting ready for a Berkshire-style Christmas Eve, then some in-town festivities tomorrow.

halloween, meet christmas

Look familiar?

Yup, it's a Christmas Wreath made from the 94 (well we only used 80 or so) felt leaves that I cut out by hand for our Halloween Tree Costume. If there is some way to reuse these leaves for New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Flag Day, 4th of July and/or Labor Day... I'll do it. When you spend a full day cutting out felt oak leaves by hand, you find ways to maximize your return.