Frittata & eggnog

Well! Here's hoping that everyone has had a nice holiday season so far. It's been a blur of a month for me, with the wedding and a busy work schedule and the holidays. Lots of exciting things happening all around me. I'm trying to make time to sit and write about it all so I don't lose a bit of it. I am feeling particularly grateful for the opportunity to work where I do. You can read more about what we've been up to in 2012 over here.

I'm also feeling pretty thankful for my marriage. Oh goodness, we're married. We are so happy to have been so supported through the entire process. To have family and friends who understood what we wanted our wedding to look like and didn't fret when we mentioned in late August that we would like to be married by the end of the year. Who knew that it was not only possible, but also thought it was quite lovely. I've been writing down my thoughts on these crazy few months and hope to share some of them soon.

In the meantime, we've been making frittata, visiting family and sipping on mulled wine, spiked eggnog and homemade Irish cream. I've also been working on a few new variations on headstand and trying not to knock down our Christmas tree in the process. Oh and for anyone tired of these iPhone photos, I'd like to let you know that one of my resolutions for the new year is to use my actual camera more. I have a shiny new lens for my Canon and am ready to cut back on my Instagram and VSCO cam reliance.

the asymmetrical bob

It has been brought to my attention by Google Analytics that most people visiting this blog are only interested in hairstyle photos. Which is funny. It's actually hilarious to me. No matter what else I write, the views on those posts pale in comparison to anything from the pixie cut series. While I'm not rocking a pixie cut at the moment, I have begun to dabble in the exciting (?) world of asymmetrical hairstyles. Yes, it's exhilarating. I think I may be working my way back to an all-around shorter 'do, but in the meantime this is what's happening on my head. The color is a wee bit darker now than in this photo because, you know, it's completely sane to test out a new hair color one week before your wedding. It's subtle, but it gave me heart palpitations nonetheless.

the little things I've been up to

Lots of excitement over here these days. We bought our very first washer and dryer, I began my exploration into the world of food dehydration, we saw the incomparable Ira Glass of This American Life, I turned 28 years old and... Chris & I got married! That's right, married! More about that later, though, once I catch my breath.

We had third-row seats to see Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass this past weekend at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. How did we score those awesome seats? Overzealousness, I guess. I assumed that everyone in town was, like me, counting down the minutes until those tickets were released. So I bought ours within 30 minutes of them going on sale, which I suppose wasn't quite necessary. It was a really awesome evening. We are both huge This American Life fans and I was totally smitten with Mr. Glass the entire night. It was just him and an iPad up on stage and he mixed radio segments and music and narrative in such a compelling way that the time just flew. It both inspired me and made me a little embarrassed of how much there is to learn as an amateur podcaster. Ira was so so good and I felt so lucky to have seen such a big-time hero of mine.

Eek! We bought a washer and dryer! No more trips to the neighborhood laundromat. I've been waiting for this moment for years, and now that we are in a place with W/D hookups we knew we had to take the plunge. Thank you, online Black Friday sales.

In a heartbreaking moment of indecision, I lost out on buying a brand-new food dehydrator from the Habitat ReStore a few weeks ago. I don't know what I was thinking. There it was, in its original packaging, and I totally choked. Apparently I was distraught enough around the office that my co-workers took pity on me and gave us one as a wedding present. I am now diving into the world of food dehydration. Wish me luck.

So, these are the little things I've been up to while celebrating and marveling about the big things I've been up to. Rest assured, there will be some wedding talk 'round these parts, but in the meantime I think I'll also share with you a new haircut and some other drivel as I see fit.

an ode to girlfriends

I cringe when I hear women say anything along the lines of, "Ugh, I hate girls. They are so obnoxious. Women are crazy. They are so dramatic. I just don't get along with girls, ya know?"

If you don't get along with most women, it's probably because you suck. (A corollary to this would be, "If you don't get along with most people, it's probably because you suck.)

I'm serious about that. If you consistently don't get along with other women, it's probably you. You may be  a pain in the ass, or just generally unpleasant to be around.

Aww. My college gals and I back in 2006. We're on a roof, rebuilding in Pearlington, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

I've been feeling really grateful for the women in my life and I want to shut down the idea that women are "just so crazy, ya know?" and that "being one of the guys" is somehow better. It's not. It's cool if you can roll comfortably in typical guy arenas. You love football? Like throwing back a few beers? Wonderful. I don't care much for football but I do like a good beer, so we may have something in common. It's just that I've never aspired to be "one of the guys". I enjoy being a lady, thank you. I don't need to be one of the girlfriends/fiances/wives who is soooooooooo cool because I never get offended by offensive jokes and I'm sooooooooo laidback. Truth is, I am offended by offensive jokes and I care about a lot of things, but I think I'm still a real hoot to be around.

Sister & I after an epic weekend at theMixTape Festival this summer.

I like spending time with my girlfriends, my sister and my mom. I like chatting with them, laughing, sometimes sniffling a tear or two... I like being around them. They fill an important role in my life.

I care about women's issues- otherwise known as societal issues- like equal pay, breaking glass ceilings and protecting women's health. So, I like having gal pals and gal family and I am passionate about advocating for the rights of all gals and ladies. We should all be lifting each other up, not cutting other women down and stereotyping each other as an over-dramatic, hyper-emotional gender. Agreed?

And this is all coming from a woman whose best friend is a guy and who, ya know, is also marrying a really awesome guy soon. I also have a fairly small circle of close female friends, as opposed to a group of 30 sorority sisters that share every detail, so I'd like to think I'm coming from a moderate place on this issue. Guys are great. They make wonderful friends and husbands and such. I would just like to see a little less cutting down of women and gaslighting of women (look it up) and the promotion of inferiority complexes in women. Yes?

Ha! My high school ladies and I rocking our senior prom photos. I'm holding a bouquet of rhododendrons that my mom cut from our backyard because the flowers we ordered turned out heinous. I would also like to note that I would wear my prom dress again if given the opportunity.

I've had this post written for awhile, but knew I had to post it this week because a few days ago my mom and sister threw me the most special, magical, intimate bridal shower tea party for the three of us. We get together for dinner on an almost-weekly basis and this week they set up a frilly tea party for me. With a corsage. And scones with clotted cream. And tea sandwiches. It was perfect. It was also a reminder of how very content I am to be girly (though I don't hold it against you if you aren't quite so frilly, I just happen to be a very femme feminist) and to value time with my ladies as much as I do.