inventory shminventory!

The giveHANDMADE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA was a good time. Worth all of the crazed sewing leading up to it. Here's some of the inventory we brought-- also, the show was in the most convenient of locations, a mere 2.5 minute walk from our apartment. Love.

And you lucky ducks will get the sloppy seconds! Expect a Market + Etsy update with some goodies soon!

(More craft show photos will be over at flickr as I get them.)

the market, unplugged

So I haven't had much to say for myself in terms of blogging, because I've been feverishly sewing up a storm for this weekend's WinterWonderLARK!
The giveHANDMADE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA! is going down this weekend on Lark Street and... I'll be there.

Saturday, Dec 13
Trinity Church
235 Lark Street
Albany, NY

Our apartment is littered with lotsa Neck Cozies, Beverage Cozies, Coffee Sleeves, Lunch Bags + more. My weekend was littered with Netflix, flannel, fleece, cotton, thread, buttons, my Singer + a few indulgences to keep me going.

Market updates are on hold until after the shows this weekend.

(And yes, I'm also well on my way towards a stress-free, d.i.y holiday season but I can't show any of those goodies or else the surprises will be ruined!)

handmade escape

I'm hoping most of you survived Black Friday by curling up at home and avoiding the malls, but for those of you adventurous enough to grab some 4am doorbusters, Godspeed.

You may have noticed the "Buy Handmade" button on my sidebar. Buy handmade this holiday season. Not exclusively and not excessively, but take the time to explore some local and not-so-local artisans and their craft. I'm betting most of us will be cutting back our holiday spending this year, whether because of troubles with investments and 401Ks, growing costs and expenses, underemployment and paycuts or the sudden onslaught of student loan payments. Sounds grim, but I think we are being presented with an opportunity to reconfigure our holiday traditions. Instead of piles of presents under the tree, maybe there will be just one, thoughtful and well-crafted treat. We are being forced to reevaluate our spending-- where we shop, how we shop, why we shop.

Many people have said this better than me-- Buy Handmade, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, Handmade Nation, folks at Etsy and all over the web.

(BTW, this was supposed to be my party skirt-- before things went terribly wrong. Oh well, it was just an old skirt from high school that I hacked up for fun. C'est la vie.)

november surprise

We had a hardy herb garden perched outside of our third story window this summer. Basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, sage, marjoram and even two little jalapeno pepper plants that did quite well. Over to the side was a science experiment. We had very belatedly planted the cheapest, most unlikely tomato seeds-- the type you pick up from the dollar section at Target when you are feeling kinda crappy and maybe the weather is bad so you go shopping but you really shouldn't spend any money so you buy a few pieces of cheap crap at Target... you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, we threw these in some dirt and to our amazement a healthy-looking plant actually sprung up. Like I said, we didn't start the seeds until way too late. And we didn't do much except make sure they never got too thirsty.

Then the chilly weather came, as it tends to do in NY, and we brought our little garden inside. Some have survived, others sadly did not. Our tomato plant had unleashed a few small green bulbous things that we assumed would shortly drop dead.

Imagine our surprise in NOVEMBER when we took a look at our plant and found actual TOMATOES on it!

Why hello there, wee tomatoes.

Prescription for Brightening a Dreary Month, aka

Avoiding the Realization that Winter Hasn't Even Officially Started Yet It's Definitely Dark and Cold, aka
Who Even Wants to Go on a Tropical Vacation, anyway?
  • your landlord finally turned your heat to a consistent, reliable temperature and schedule
  • is there anything better in the world than when the afghan your making is finally big enough to keep you both warm and contentedly entertained on the couch?
  • spending lotsa time in your tiny kitchen because you can't play outside anymore, resulting in an oven-warmed apartment and continuous feasting
  • early nights
  • knowing that there is a silver lining to the economic hullabaloo
  • sam adams winter ale
  • martha stewart's holiday issue
  • giftmaking, cardmaking and pie-eating
  • trying to forget what is next on your netflix queue so every delivery feels like a surprise
  • i'll say it again, tights + scarves

1. Only Shallow 2. Sam Adams 3. Apple Crumb Pie by Me 4. The Market Bag by Moop 5. The Sartorialist 6. Plum Coat by Little Houses 7. Martha 8. Only Shallow 9. Butternut Squash Manicotti 10. Raw Brown Warmer by Yokoo 11. Martha 12. Chunky n' Cozy in White by Spratters and Jayne