Hi, Iā€™m Christine. Thanks for reading.

We owe it to each other to tell our stories and share our experiences. Storytelling-- sharing real, honest thoughts and emotions and lessons learned-- can change the world. 

I've been self-publishing my essays and musings for more than 15 years here and elsewhere. In that time, I've changed direction and focus too many times to count. I used to sew and knit a lot, so I wrote about that. Then I started cooking and baking and canning food, so I wrote about that. Then I started thinking more about how to live wholeheartedly, so I wrote about that. Then I took on a leadership role at my organization, and... I didn't write about that. Then I had a baby, and... I didn't write much about that either. I grew up, basically, and didn't write about it. 

These days, I'm most interested in writing about how people balance career with family, creativity with ease, and big dreams with contentedness. I want to know how people stay true to themselves in different settings, and I'm thinking a lot about how I define my own identity. I'm also listening to and learning from my neighbors, our sisters and brothers, about privilege and justice and equity. So while I listen and learn,  it isn't always helpful for me to shout over those important voices. 

But I do believe that we each have a story, a truth and a power. I'm committed to truth-speaking and soul-sharing here, though I'm not always sure what that will look like. 

A bio
I live with my husband and our toddler son in a 1930s Tudor-style home in Albany, New York. By day, and often by night and in my dreams and in the car and when I'm brushing my teeth, I'm thinking about how to build a community where everyone has a decent place to live. As a leader at a local nonprofit organiztaion (hint: It's Habitat for Humanity, though everything here is 100% my own and not a reflection or representation of the organization), I think a lot about what motivates and engages us at work. I don't just want life-work balance, I want life-work integration. You can find my professional bio here.

Media & past affiliations
I was a managing editor for From Scratch Club, a community blog by "a small group of women who are passionately connected to the food they and their families consume". FSC has hosted food swaps, skill-sharing parties, classes and other food events around the Capital Region. I was also the host of the From Scratch Club podcast, past episodes of which you can list to on iTunes, and moderator of the FSC Book Club. In January 2012, I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal as part of a story on DIY home cheesemaking. In July 2011, I was featured in The Kitchn's Small Cool Kitchens 2011 contest. I was a featured blogger for WholeLiving.com during the 28-Day Challenge Action Plan in January 2011 and was highlighted in the March 2011 issue of Whole Living magazine by Martha Stewart Publications.  I was a regular contributor for ShopRite's Potluck blog panel from 2011 though 2013, where I shared recipes and menus that help link people of all incomes and backgrounds to healthier food choices. I also used to run a small-scale, home-based design studio with adorable bits and bobs; you can read more here

Oh, a heads up:  I don't accept any free products for review; nor do I write sponsored posts, include sponsored link requests or publish sponsored guest-written articles. Although I reserve the right to make piles of cash from my writing in the future, for now, I'm my own sponsor and patron.